April 2017 Newsletter Quiz Answers

[1] The first ever commercial flight left from Shoreham Airport and landed on Hove Lawns in 1910, what was it delivering?

Light bulbs

[2] Which former British Prime Minister went to school in Hove

Winston Churchill, 1883

[3] Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the Doomsday book?





Hove. The others are references: Bristelmestune, Porteslage, Hangetone

[4] When and for whom was Hangleton Manor built?

1540 for Richard Bel(l)ingham, High Sheriff of Sussex

[5] England’s oldest cricket club lives in Hove. When did the Sussex County Cricket Club move to the present cricket ground on Eaton Road?


[6] Many of Hove’s grand Victorian buildings, including Grand Avenue and The Drive were constructed by William Willett. For what was this builder also well known?

The champion and tireless promoter of the British Summer Time.

[7] The war memorial on Grand Avenue, a statue of Saint George atop a column, does not contain the names of the fallen. Where is this instead recorded on a bronze plaque?

Hove Library

[8] Which film actress and Hove resident died in 1990 and is commemorated by a blue plaque on her former home in Hove and the number 655 Brighton and Hove bus?

Elizabeth Allan.

[9] Which world-famous engineer attended Dr Morell’s school on Hove seafront for several years from 1820?

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

[10] The population of Hangleton was 200-250 in 1086; by 1428, after the black death, what had this dropped to?


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