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The Replacement Lightbulb Company

A Very Simple Plan, or What’s This All About, Then?

Tempting though it is to fill our first blog with all sorts of puns about lightbulb moments, how we’re going to shine a light on what we do and how we can help your business, we promise to avoid further clichés.

Instead, we’d like to offer you a warm welcome to Brighton-based Replacement Lightbulb Company’s website and an introduction to what we think is a unique proposition.

We thought we’d tell you how the business came about and how (in our opinion, anyway) the best ideas are often the simplest ones.

Picture The Scene

You work in an office, part of a small business.  You like working here: your colleagues are tolerable, indeed you almost like them, you enjoy your work and your boss isn’t an idiot.  It’s a modern office and there’s plenty of technology to support your working day and make you productive.

There’s an annoying flickering light behind you.  And there’s an almost imperceptible but low-level buzzing noise coming from light fitting.  Bzzzz….ping, and you’re starting, ever so slowly to lose the will to live.  Oh, and there’s one of those strip lights on the staircase which stopped working a couple of weeks ago.  Someone needs to fix it before someone misses a step and goes flying.


Your company doesn’t employ a handyman or an electrician as they’re a bit expensive and both these apparently easy tasks involve climbing up a ladder and replacing non-standard bulbs.  In fact, you’re not even sure if you’ve got them in your supply cupboard.  And, you read (correctly, as it happens) that since 2001 an average of 50 people every year die from falling off ladders.

Picture This Scene, Too

Your warm, cosy home is your pride and joy.  You’ve spent time and effort on renovations, making the kitchen the heart of the household and a specialist builder and electrician have created a rather fabulous “wet room” to replace your old avocado bathroom suite.

One teeny tiny thing, though:  you’ve just noticed that you’ve got loads and loads of lights in the house.  They’re all different types, styles and sizes and you can’t even begin to know what each of them are called, where to get new ones and whether you’ve got the first clue as to how to replace them.  Even the long-lasting LED ones will need to be changed.  Those fancy recessed ones in the ceiling don’t look easy to get at either.

Ah.  Problems?  Afraid so.

Enter…The Replacement Lightbulb Company

The gap in the market, until now at least, has been considerable.   A lack of product, technical and safety knowledge puts you, those you work with, as well as your family at the edge of what’s safe.  What’s more, as you may know, the fines imposed on companies who even unwittingly put their employees at risk can be punitive.  Not to mention your safety at home, or that of your elderly parents, for example.

Here at The Replacement Lightbulb Company, we do just one thing but we do it very well indeed: we, er, replace lightbulbs.  That’s it.

All lightbulbs: LEDs, spotlights, halogens, tubes, big, small – whatever type, size or shape.  If they’re blown or broken, we replace them.  We’ll supply and fit them in your office and your home and we support the needs of care and residential homes, hotels, restaurants and cafés.  Inside or outside, we have the product knowledge and skills that you need.

The Replacement Lightbulb Company maintains a wide range of lightbulbs and our highly trained staff will not only know exactly what you need.  They’ll know how to replace them, too.

And yes, we follow all those official “health and safety gone mad” guidelines that everyone gets cross about – until that is, there’s an accident – or worse.

Our Service Ethic

We always prefer happy customers, so we aim to deliver and install your new lightbulbs within 24 hours.  We’ll always follow up with you afterwards to make sure that everything’s OK and 100% to your satisfaction.

So…here we are.  And there you are.  Hello.

We’ll be publishing another blog very soon and on a regular basis, to share our knowledge, as well as hints and tips.  All sorts of useful information to illuminate and brighten up your day.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Mark Packwood

The Replacement Lightbulb Company

February 3rd, 2017


Business Rates – are you paying too much?

Make sure to check you are being charged the correct amount for your business rates.

If you are a small business with a single business property, you may be eligible for business rates relief up to 100% discount, if the rateable value of the property is £6,000 or less and a sliding scale of discount on properties with a rateable value up to £12,000. Click here for more details.

There is also a separate scheme for retail shops giving a fixed discount of £1,500 this year, if your retail premises have a rateable value up to £50,000. This scheme was supposed to have been automatically applied by the city council, but this has not always the case, so do check your business rates bill if you have retail premises with an RV of under £50,000. If the £1,500 retail premises discount has not been deducted on your bill, make sure that you contact the city council as soon as possible. A wide number of businesses occupying retail premises can claim this discount – for more details about which businesses are entitled to the retail relief click here. If you have missed out this year, this you may also be able to claim back £1,000 discount for the previous year.

Martin Lawrence – HBA committee member

News plans and big ideas

There’s a renewed passion and enthusiasm to support the business community in Hove evident among the Association’s new committee and so its a real pleasure for me to be able to take on the role of chair at such a time, with great optimism and fresh ideas abounding! There are challenges of course – any organisation run by volunteers gets stretched at times and so we will have to be realistic about our resources but we have some great ideas coming forward which we will be delighted to tell members more about in the coming weeks via our e-newsletter – which continues on a fortnightly basis – and our new website. Some of our bright new stars on our committee are going to help us improve the way we use digital communications to keep improving engagement with our members and offering better services to new members. We will be seeking your views on some of our new ideas for the future and look forward to getting your ideas for taking the Association forward into the mix too.

Jill Humphrey has done a tremendous job as chair before me and has worked tirelessly for the Association. A big thank you must go to Jill for everything she has done as chair. Thank you also to Robin Wilson after many years of service to the Association and also to Miranda Martin who also stepped down from the committee this year. Welcome and thank you to Gerry Hussein who has just joined the committee and thank you to the whole new committee for their support – Andrew Nichols (chair of HBP), John Butler (our new Vice chair end events), Victoria Mason (secretary and treasurer) Martin Lawrence (membership), Izzy Kennedy and Jo Camp(both marketing and communications). We’ll report more on the work of the new committee and introduce them and their new roles to you all.

As always. these are challenging times for businesses, especially as the way we run our cities is changing in so many ways. Our aim is to ensure that the Association finds its niche in a crowded market place to serve the interests of businesses in Hove though relevant and interesting events and activities for members, engaging more with members and providing channels for their views and concerns to be heard, growing the support for this work among our members, and growing our membership amongst the Hove business community.

Martin Harris, HBA Chair

Independent Christmas Tree Trail - Shopping Challenge

Following on from our successful launch on Tuesday 1st October I am pleased to say that there is a lot of interest and support for the project. There are links to two files below, one that takes you through the presentation we gave on the night and one which is the registration form.

Registration Form

Christmas Shopping Challenge – November

Independent Retailers can sign up here

The presentation will explain how the scheme will work and there are also Webinars available for you to see how the Christmas Tree Trail can be implemented locally.

Hove Business Association – your Local Activation Partner will support you every step of the way, providing all the marketing materials you need and driving footfall to the area – you just need to engage with your potential customers once they cross your threshold and convert them into a sale, if not immediately, from a positive experience, one in the future!

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting either Janet Woodjetts our Retail Champion on 07920 004639 or Jill Humphrey 07801 295799

HBA Media Policy

Our media policy is now ready to view. Click on the link below

HBA Media Policy – March 2014

Christmas Indie Shopping Challenge campaign - winner announced

Last Friday 10th January, on top of a double decker bus we drew out the winning completed map from our recent Christmas Indie Shopping Challenge campaign and then trundled off to personally present the winner with her £1000 cheque. Congratulations to Naomi Newsham, what a lovely way to start the new year!

Charities 2014

We now need to choose our own charity to support in 2014, nominations received are as follows:

Grow – A relatively new organisation, locally based and just securing charitable status, they do valuable work supporting those with mental health problems
Email to vote for Grow

The Clock Tower Sanctuary – for young people between the ages of 16-25 who are homeless or insecurely housed, offering information, advice and support, safe space, access to computers and food and drink
Email to vote for The Clock Tower Sanctuary

Sussex Heart Charity – there are over 1 million people who have atrial fibrillation and DO NOT KNOW IT! It kills 200,000 people every year
Email for Sussex Heart Charity

Brighton Kids Klub – a local charity based in Portslade that covers our
Email for Brighton Kids Klub

Fun in Action – A small charity helping children of lone parents by providing “befrienders” so they have another adult in their life who can support them and take them out on outings etc.
Email to vote for Fun in Action

Moulsecoomb Forest Garden and Wildlife Project – A local charity that is now in its 20th year. For children who struggle at school this charity provides a way of learning outside the classroom, developing skills such as carpentry, construction, woodland management, horticulture, team work and social skills
Email to vote for Moulsecoomb Forest Garden and Wildlife Project

And finally, a suggestion from me – how about raising enough money to buy a Defibrillator machine and siting it somewhere in Hove where there is a high footfall? This could actually save someone’s life! I am not sure how many such packs are out there, or indeed where they are, but having attended a recent First Aid course I now appreciate that the first few minutes after a heart attack are VITAL. We are all aware of CPR adverts and some of us know the 30:2 ratio, but a machine that is to hand and talks you through the procedure has to be a Godsend?
Email to vote for Jill’s Idea, to buy a Defibrillator machine

It’s now over to you, our members to email me with your vote please, closing date is Tuesday 4th February at Midday. Email or phone your vote through on 01273 748948 / 07801 295799

First Aid Planning in the Workplace and Beyond

First Aid Planning in the Workplace and Beyond

Under the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 (First aid Regulations 1981) there is a requirement to have First Aid provision in every workplace. This can range from having an “appointed person” to having fully trained first aiders.

Many businesses are not aware of what they need so this session will help you to understand the guidelines, and inform you of the changes to the HSE first aid approvals taking place in October 2013.

At this session we will cover:

  • Workplace requirements
  • HSE changes
  • First Aid kits
  • Practical first aid session where you will learn and practice skills that could help you help someone else in an emergency.

You will leave the session with a hand out summary of what has been covered, and further information on this and other related health and safety issues that will help your business to be compliant.

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